The very best back surgeon in Denver may well beDr. Kumar oftheColoradoSpineandScoliosisCenter. His extensive study during which he has earned four fellowships in orthopedics and his years of experience treating rare spine disorders all over give him a remarkably broad base of knowledge that make him the best back surgeon he can be. If you suffer from long term chronic spinal pain that is impeding you in your day to day life, Dr. Kumar may be able to find solutions that your other doctors may not have looked for.

We make every effort to find non surgical methods to relieve your pain before determining your best choice is to let our back surgeon use his innovative, minimally invasive methods to repair your spinal problems.
A conscientious back surgeon who has your best interests at heart will take the time to work individually with you to develop a personal strategy for your chronic spinal pain, so Dr. Kumar and the rest of the team at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Center are committed to working out custom treatment plans for every patient’s unique situation. The first step to ending your chronic spinal pain is to schedule a consultation with the best back surgeon in Denver, Dr. Anant Kumar, to find out all of your options.


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