Living with back pain is no picnic. If someone you care about suffers from this condition, you know very well how debilitating it can be and how significant the interruption to daily life often is. Wanting to bear their burden and alleviate the pain they feel is a natural and frequent feeling.

As the holidays approach, now is your chance to do exactly that by selecting the perfect gift to provide comfort to their pained back. Picking out the right present can be daunting, especially if you are not a doctor or back pain expert, but do not worry—we are here to help.

We have compiled a guide to the best gifts for back pain sufferers, giving you all the information you need to give a thoughtful and useful gift to your back pain sufferer.

Pillows Designed for Back Pain Sufferers

Back pain and sleep have a relationship. Those who suffer from back pain often have trouble getting quality sleep. That lack of sleep tends to then worsen back pain. As such, it is essential for those with back pain to use pillows that alleviate their back pain and allow them to get the best possible sleep.

Pillows for your head play a key role in this increased comfort and higher quality sleep, as do pillows placed beneath the legs and lower back, which can aid in proper spine alignment. Some of our favorite pillows for back pain suffers include the Saatva Latex Pillow, Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow, and TEMPUR-Neck Pillow.

Travel Accessories

If the back pain sufferer in your life travels frequently, giving them the gift of comfort while on the road (or in the sky) can revolutionize their travel experience. There are many options in this category, giving you the flexibility to select a gift that they will truly appreciate.

Travel pillows and seat cushions that are easy to transport are a great idea, as they can help align the spine in the car or on a plane. Rolling luggage also makes a terrific gift for those with back pain, as it reduces the amount of stress placed on the back when navigating airports, hotels, and so on.

Workstation Upgrades

Whether your loved one works from home or in a traditional workspace, having a workstation that is ergonomic and designed with back pain relief in mind is essential to reducing symptoms and improving health long-term.

From minor upgrades, such as ergonomic keyboards, to most substantial workstation staples like standing desks or ergonomic chairs, making changes to a workspace can provide instant relief and help prevent problems from worsening due to poor posture.

Exercise and Stretching Resources

Staying limber and improving strength are fantastic ways to alleviate pain and reduce back pain long-term. For many people, however, knowing what exercises to do and how to execute them properly is a challenge, especially if they do not have a background in training.

Giving the gift of knowledge via subscription services, video series, or even personal training can aid back pain sufferers in their pursuit to reduce and potentially eliminate the pain at its source. Of course, you should confirm that they are able to take on such physical activity or that they receive the go-ahead from their doctor before beginning a new exercise and stretching regimen.


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