The Best Spine Doctor Denver Has to Offer

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Choosing the best spine doctor to help alleviate your neck or back pain requires you to get a diagnosis from your primary care doctor. Your general practitioner will likely ask you a series of questions, conduct an examination and order tests to figure out what is causing your symptoms. Frequently, neck or back pain is created by a minor issue – similar to a muscle strain – and the side effects can escalate over a short timeframe.

Regardless of the possibility a degenerative spine condition similar to arthritis or a bulging disc is the reason for symptoms, it’s likely the first thing your doctor will do is prescribe essential preservationist medications. If your pain persists regardless of pursuing rest, hot and frosty compression, over-the-counter medication, etc. – your doctor may refer you to a spine specialist / spine doctor Denver has available for more involved treatment.

Finding the Best Spine Doctor

Your doctor will likely have a reference for a recommended spine doctor. Your doctor’s suggestion should be added to a list of candidates to choose from; however, this is under the assumption you know and trust your general practitioner. However, it’s wise to undergo an extensive search process to ensure your choices are thoroughly researched. The research phase can be overwhelming.

Below are suggestions that will help you narrow-down your search:

  • Ask loved-ones for suggestions.
  • Research doctors online at the sites for the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
  • Don’t be reluctant to get information about results, potential problems and patient satisfaction.
  • Be absolutely sure about your choice before making a decision; your gut-feeling about your doctor of choice is among your best tools for narrowing-down the research.

Choose a Proven and Expert Spine Doctor for Surgery

If you’re thinking about neck or back surgery, it’s critical to understand your choices. Traditional open-back surgery is extremely invasive, requires hospitalization and ordinarily includes a very long recovery. The outpatient spine surgery offered by Dr. Kumar is performed on an outpatient premise and has no long recovery. Further, Dr. Kumar has a devoted team dedicated on patient-focused care.

The nature of care matters, which is why Dr. Kumar is a pioneer in the field. Dr. Kumar utilizes cutting-edge innovation and research to give most the most effective treatments to a wide variety of spinal conditions.

There is no reason for you to experience the unnecessary side effects of back or neck pain. Life is too short. An accomplished spine specialist like Dr. Kumar will give you the best chance to reaching the well-being you’ve been seeking. When it comes to our well-being – aka: our health – the life-altering decision we make about the future of our spine, the command center of our body, should be with a proven and expert spine doctor like Dr. Kumar.

You’re Not Alone

Whether it’s from injury, arthritis, scoliosis or other causes – back and neck pain is the second driving medicinal condition that brings patients to the doctor’s office. More importantly, where you receive care matters.

Dr. Kumar provides thorough care and cutting-edge treatments for spine conditions delivered by a diverse team of specialists. He’s among the most trained and experienced doctors. Dr. Kumar and his team are passionate about providing the full scope of key spinal care services by cooperating to build up your customized treatment program, coordinating with each other – including your referring doctor.

Moreover, Dr. Kumar holds the latest accreditations and licenses, and he’s also involved in continuing education as result of his devotion to the future of the industry. Dr. Kumar is readily accessible to offer guidance through your treatment journey. You’re not alone.

The Best Spine Doctor Denver and Beyond Has to Offer

Dr. Kumar utilizes top-of-the-line technology, less invasive treatments to limit the risk of surgery, allow for speedy recovery and help you come back to normal exercises and overall lifestyle. The overall objective is to maximize your personal satisfaction by giving compassionate and professional care along with the results.

You’re not alone. Contact Dr. Kumar today!


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