When facing the various options for cervical kyphosis treatment, the very dedicated staff and doctors at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute in Denver can help you make the best decision for what is needed for your specific condition. We have the many tools and resources to help you or your loved ones find the right solutions for cervical kyphosis treatment.

The conservative or non-surgical approach to cervical kyphosis treatment is a plan set up by your doctor. It will include medication for pain, a neck brace, and physical therapy to help correct or maintain the area affected. If it is determined that this treatment is not sufficient to help your case, then the surgical method may be employed as a cervical kyphosis treatment process.
Generally speaking, cervical kyphosis treatment using surgery employs spinal fusion and segmental instrumentation using a metal rod or plate to brace the spine correctly hence straightening it. This approach is often used when there are additional neurological issues related to the curvature of the spine. Call Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute of you are ready to get the treatment you need for cervical kyphosis.


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