For people living with chronic spinal pain, every day is a careful balance of living with pain and dealing with the side effects of the medications that ease that pain. In some of these cases, they could get real, lasting relief from their suffering with help from a cervical spine surgeon. At Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute, we have helped many people who were dealing with long term back conditions by working one on one with them to develop a treatment plan based on the details of their particular condition. Our cervical spine surgeon is widely recognized as an innovative expert in his field, with multiple fellowships from major universities and extensive experience treating difficult and rare cases around the world.

Dr. Anant Kumar has helped people with all sorts of spinal conditions with his skills as a cervical spine surgeon in Denver and elsewhere, and his non invasive techniques make it possible to do so with less surgical trauma and shorter healing times. If you have serious spinal pain that is not responding to more conservative treatments, you and your doctor should discuss coming to Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute to meet with our cervical spine surgeon and discuss your options.


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