For severe long term back pain, your regular doctor may be hard pressed to do more than prescribe painkillers to manage your suffering, and they may refer you to a spine surgeon to discuss cervical total disc replacement or other surgical options to solve your spinal pain issue. The discs of your spine provide cushioning for the vertebrae, and when those discs are compressed, worn or damaged, it can become very painful and hugely affect your daily life.

Cervical total disc replacement is a surgical technique where a surgeon removes the damaged disc to relieve pressure on the nerves or spinal cords and then replace it with an artificial disc to keep the spine aligned and supported. This method can provide an end to your daily chronic neck and back pain, and at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute, we offer expert cervical total disc replacement in Denver under the care of one of the finest specialists in the field, Dr. Anant Kumar. We will need to work closely with you and your regular physician to determine if you are a good candidate for cervical total disc replacement surgery, and to work out the best treatment plan for your particular situation.


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