Back pain can change a person's life. I was on my way to a life of pain before I found Doctor Kumar. I am 68 year old. I was suffering from severe pain in my hip, thigh and shin. A procedure to eliminate a herniated disc performed by another surgeon only aggravated the problem. I lost all hope of a pain-free life.
I found out about Doctor Kumar from a personal friend. In May 2018 I had my first office visit. Doctor Kumar spend about 2 hours with me and my husband reviewing past records and MRI exams. Two more tests were performed to further evaluate my problem. After a follow up visit a surgery was scheduled for a late July date. Doctor Kumar made no promises to me. He felt confident that he could identify the problem in surgery and take corrective action.
When I woke from surgery all the pain in my hip, thigh and shin was gone. Doctor Kumar explained that my nerve roots were encumbered by scar tissue and calcification. An L5/S1 fusion was performed to minimize the risk of future problems in this area. It is now early September and I walk about 5 miles each day. I have no pain in my hip or legs. Doctor Kumar game me back my life. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you Doctor Kumar, I cannot really thank you enough. To be able to walk & stand is a true miracle. Not only is Dr. Kumar talented with his hands & mind, he is most kind :)
My goal is to become a member of The Colorado Mountain Club.
Kathleen Koller
Kathleen Koller
Ralph Zerr, a 50-year-old from Northwest Kansas with Achondroplasia Dwarfism, was suffering from back pain as a result of his spinal cord shrinking over time and restricting the nerve endings where the spinal cord goes through the pelvis and spinal canal. Ralph found Dr. Anant Kumar, spine surgeon at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, and knew he was in the right hands given his specialized training for spine care and familiarity with Achondroplasia Dwarfism. Dr. Kumar pulled in the team to meet with Ralph before surgery and prepped them on his condition for a seamless experience. Ralph is thankful to be up and walking again and highly recommends Presbyterian/St. Luke’s to those with Dwarfism.  
Dear Dr. Kumar, Thank you so much for helping me live my days without back pain and for getting me off the narcotics. To me you are a miracle worker. I'm so glad that I found you.
Patricia L.
All the languages of the world do not hold words enough for me to be able to ever express how much I treasure you; how deeply I respect you and your tremendous skill as a surgeon. Tears come to my eyes when I think of what you have done for me. You gave me a straight back and took that awful pain out of my legs. Thank you so much, Dr. Kumar. You are my hero.
My oh so sweet Dr. Kumar. I want to tell you how much I want to thank you! You are an incredible person, surgeon & friend. I am so lucky to have found you. You fixed me! I greatly appreciate everything you and Cathy did for me. I will always remember you and my surgery. Your are the sweetest Dr. I have ever met.
Morgan B.
I am so grateful to have been referred to Dr Anant Kumar. His diagnosis of my "flat back syndrome" as a result of a previous surgery and his suggested procedure were the first ray of hope I had had after months of chronic pain. I know stand straight for the first time in years and am enjoying the prospect of a full and pain free life. Dr. Kumar's unique expertise in the field of spinal surgeries, his commitment to excellence and genuine concern for his patients welfare (with the help of a very caring staff) all combine to qualify him for my most enthusiastic recommendation.
Alona E.
I wanted to write to you and THANK YOU so much for helping Dr. Yee to literally save my brother! He is very special to me and he is also all I have. The Lord has blessed you with special talents and I will forever be grateful to you for helping my brother get through.
Shelly B.
It is six months (March 6 and 8, 2017) since you performed the surgeries for my scoliosis and I felt it was appropriate that I again thank you for giving me a pain free life. The pain I was experiencing prior to the surgery has gone and I have not experienced any pain as a result of the surgeries. Someone said it would be a twelve month recover and I am appreciating that as my body functions slowly improve to a level similar to that of prior surgery. I continue to experience improved flexibility, and m walking continues to improve in style and speed. These inconveniences are minor in comparios to the prior pain. In summary, I am pain free, thank you!
Michael H. Gibson