People with severe chronic spinal conditions get used to living in constant pain, missing out on many activities because of their discomfort, and trying to manage a delicate balance between medication fog and pain. But you don’t have to go on like that because there is a corrective spine surgery center in Denver that can help you find innovative and truly effective solutions to your spinal problems.

Our surgeon, Dr. Anant Kumar, has studied extensively in a number of subspecialties to stay on top of the newest and least invasive techniques to treat serious spinal deformities and conditions with the best possible results resulting numerous fellowships from respected institutions. The team at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute works closely with each client to create an individual plan of treatment that takes their unique needs into consideration, so that you get the care that Is right for you. For conditions like scoliosis, herniated discs, kyphosis or other major spinal impairments, we have an array of surgical techniques that can help even cases other doctors have given up on.
There is much more detailed information on our website about our treatments, or you can call for your consultation with our specialists


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