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Are you looking for the right place to go for corrective spine surgery in Denver? Come to the Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute and experience the best service available in Denver. We are dedicated to providing spine and scoliosis treatment that work for our patients and we have been helping those afflicted with spine and scoliosis for many years.
Dr. Kumar is well known for his minimally invasive techniques used in corrective spine surgery and scoliosis treatment. His dedication to finding solutions that are less painful and more effective have helped countless people worldwide. Dr. Kumar is on the forefront of advancing orthopedics and every opportunity to help someone is embraced at the Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute.
Corrective spine surgery is better accomplished by a caring and compassionate doctor, dedicated to helping his clients no matter their particular circumstances. His techniques and attention to detail will make all of the difference in your corrective spine surgery.
Call the Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kumar. You can start by filling out new patient paperwork online to make your visit even better.


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