If you need corrective surgery for spinal deformities in Denver, call our office today. There are many spinal conditions that cause people constant pain and impair their lifestyle, and many doctors do not have a lot of resources beyond drugs and physical therapy at their disposal. Dr. Kumar is a specialist in corrective surgery for spinal deformities in Denver, who has found real working solutions for chronic spinal pain from things like scoliosis, cervical displacement, and cracked and damaged discs. We try in all cases to find the least invasive method of effectively treating your individual conditions so that you can live pain free.
Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute offers options for even rare, delicate and severe spine conditions that are effective and long lasting. Our surgeon has completed four fellowships in spinal sub-specialties on top of his orthopedic surgery residency, and continues studying to constantly be at the forefront of new techniques to help people. In addition, he often does orthopedic and spinal surgeries for non-profit organizations throughout the world, gaining even more experience that he can use to help all of his clients. Call our office to find out more or to make an appointment for a consultation, or visit our website to find out more.


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