Dr. Kumar, scoliosis specialist, can help you in Denver at the Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute. Dr. Kumar is known for his innovative and extremely gentle procedures, giving his clients special on-on-one care and attention every time.

For years, he studied orthopedics and underwent additional sub-specialty studies in order to be the best orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Kumar is a board certified scoliosis specialist and has a vast store of knowledge and skill when it comes to orthopedics.
He has successfully treated rare cases and always provides individualized care to his patients in Denver. As a scoliosis specialist, Dr. Kumar believes that un-invasive surgery options should always be considered first. If there is a way to avoid invasive techniques, he will find it.
Dr. Kumar, scoliosis specialist, is a very caring individual with a great team behind him at the Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute in Denver. He will offer the best care available in Denver and always work to find the most innovative and gentile ways of performing surgery to his patients. You want Dr. Kumar scoliosis specialist on your side.


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