Kyphosis, also known as Scheuermann’s disease, or hunch back, is difficult to live with, making eating, standing, and functioning challenging. Luckily at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute, we have kyphosis correction options for those who suffer from this condition. Dr. Kumar is a pioneer in effective orthopedic surgery procedures, having helped many clients live better.

Affecting approximately 4-8% of the population, Kyphosis is a painful condition and if you or your loved one has not yet explored the corrective options available, now is the time. With a minimally invasive procedure like balloon kyphoplasty, we can alleviate the pain resulting from kyphosis and the vertebral compression fractures it creates.
Once you are able to meet with the physicians at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute, together you will determine if this procedure will benefit you. With balloon kyphoplasty, the doctor will make 2 miniscule incisions at the point of the vertebral fracture zones. Then a balloon catheter is placed where those fractures could use the most support. Once positioned, the balloons are filled with liquid, a cavity is created by this. Removing the balloon and replacing it with bone cement, which dries within minutes creates the supports you will need to stand straight and have reduced pain again.


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