Vertebral compression fractures can occur from trauma such as accidents, but most often result from osteoporosis or other conditions that weaken the bones in the spine. When this causes multiple fractures, a condition called Kyphosis, more commonly known as dowager’s hump can develop as the spine curves dramatically forward.

This causes considerable potential difficulty with such essential parts of life as eating, breathing and sleeping, which can be relieved with kyphosis corrective surgery at Denver’s leading spine care center. We use a minimally invasive procedure involving two small incisions at the site of the fracture and then inserting a catheter balloon that we fill with liquid to create a cavity and raise the vertebrae to its proper position. The next step is to deflate the balloons and remove them, and use catheters to fill that cavity with bone cement that hardens in place within minutes, providing stability and support.
Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute specializes in these delicate surgeries to serious spinal conditions, using the most modern, efficient, and least invasive techniques available to help our clients get relief from their pain with as little surgical trauma to tissue as possible. Visit our website for much more information about our techniques and the conditions we can help with.


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