Kyphosis is an often painful condition characterized by a significant hunching forward of the upper back. It can be caused by degenerative conditions, osteoporosis fractures, injury, various diseases, slipping of the vertebrae or a number of other causes, and the specifics of both symptoms and treatment vary considerably based on the cause. Some cases can be treated with physical therapy and braces, but often for severe cases it is necessary to look into a surgical solution. We provide individualized and effective kyphosis surgery in Denver at our state of the art spine center. Our surgeon has studied extensively and is constantly looking for innovative ways to correct patients’ spinal conditions with the least invasive techniques available.

Without treatment, severe kyphosis can be painful and difficult, causing fatigue, difficulty breathing, and neurological symptoms, and we are committed to finding the corrective solution that will bring relief to each patient based on their individual circumstances. Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute provides compassionate, cutting edge spinal treatments to people suffering from all manner of conditions, allowing them to live pain free lives without dependence on medication. Call or use our website to schedule your consultation with our expert to discuss whether surgery is a good solution for your kyphosis.


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