At Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute, we offer many lumbar surgery options in Denver. If you or a loved one suffers from pain in your back and legs, we probably have a solution that will work for you at our back pain surgery center.

Currently there are several methods of surgery to reduce pain from damaged disks. Relieving the pressure on the spinal cord and or nerve roots will transform how you feel on a day to day basis. Our Dr. Kumar is a pioneer in minimally invasive orthopedic surgery options. He always looks for ways to avoid making major incisions and avoid cutting through muscle tissue as well.
If you have tried but not found solutions for your back or leg pain, then please call us at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute. We know that with the help of Dr. Kumar, we can find good options to reduce your pain through lumbar surgery. Start today by filling out the new patient forms online. That way when you get to the office, you will have your paperwork completed ahead of time.


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