Chronic back and neck pain can be debilitating and constantly painful, and short of surgery, there are only so many ways to treat it. Physical therapy can provide results or at least slow the progress of problems in many cases, but a lot of people are stuck managing their pain through medication and are looking for a long term solution through surgical means, but are nervous about the scope and risks of back surgery.

We offer minimally invasive back disorder treatment options in Denver that can end your suffering from damaged discs, scoliosis, and other chronic spinal conditions. By making small incisions and using *scopes to see the site we are repairing rather than making large incisions to get the visual, we reduce tissue trauma and complications, as well as recovery times for our patients.
Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute can find a treatment that will work for you and that is the least invasive procedure possible, ending your back and neck pain and helping you stand straighter and taller. You can learn more about our minimally invasive surgical techniques on our website, or schedule your consultation with our surgeon to discuss whether you are a good candidate for surgery.


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