If you or your loved one needs pediatric orthopedic surgery in Denver then be sure to put Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute on your radar. We are an outstanding pediatric orthopedic surgery center hosting a doctor who has changed the lives of so many patients for the better over the years. As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kumar is sensitive and attentive to his patients. He listens and cares deeply about their wellbeing and strives for successful treatment.

Dr. Kumar has a reputation for successful treatments that are minimally invasive in Denver. He has found ways to avoid the extremely painful procedures and uses treatments that are even more effective and less painful. When working in pediatric orthopedic surgery, Dr. Kumar minimizes pain with his innovative techniques. This is particularly important when treating children and Dr. Kumar does everything in his power to make the applications manageable.
For pediatric orthopedic surgery, Dr. Kumar is a great choice in Denver. You will like the results you get and surely be glad you chose the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Denver to treat your loved one.


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