Advances in the surgical treatment of conditions of the cervical spine over the past decade have continued to improve our ability to relieve pain and improve or preserve neurologic function. Radiologic imaging, improved surgical techniques and modern spine instrumentation have all contributed to our ability to address the cause of the pain. At the Colorado Scoliosis and Spine Institute, we are able to implement the latest proven technologies and treatments to address your condition.

If all forms of non-invasive treatments have failed and you need posterior cervical fusion surgery in Denver, look no further than the experts at Colorado Scoliosis and Spine Institute. A posterior cervical fusion is performed through an incision in the back of the neck. This type of fusion is used to correct deformities of the neck, fractures and dislocations.
Dr. Kumar’s extensive experience and training allows him to provide the most up to date and effective treatments for his patients. We specialize in adult degenerative cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine surgery, pediatric spine surgery, scoliosis, and complex spinal deformity along with adolescent spine issues. Each patient is individually evaluated and the best course of action is then prescribed. Dr. Kumar runs his practice on the premise that surgery is considered the last resort after all other conservative options have failed.
We pride ourselves in creating a compassionate and superior spine care practice. When you are considering posterior cervical fusion surgery in Denver, look no further than Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute. Call today to schedule an appointment. Be on your way to a better back!


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