Preventing Back Pain with Outdoor Exercise

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Back Pain Care Denver, colorado spine doctor

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from back pain. Sometimes, this pain is a temporary inconvenience, but all too often, it is a condition that will affect someone for a long time, potentially the rest of their life.Back pain

In fact, back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world, preventing millions from living their best lives, including missing out on work and daily activities. In other words, back pain significantly lessens how enjoyable life is.

From seeing your livelihood disappear to having to sit by while your family and friends participate in activities you used to love but can no longer enjoy, back pain is a nightmare that strikes every aspect of your life.

That’s why the best way to cure back pain is to prevent it in the first place. Thankfully, outdoor exercise can actually help prevent back pain from occurring, making it a fantastic way to stay healthy and fend off back pain while embracing something you love.

So, without further adieu, let’s explore how you can prevent back pain with outdoor exercise!

Movement and Back Pain

Staying active is one of the best ways to prevent back pain. That’s right—any movement (within reason) will help prevent back pain by keeping the muscles engaged, flexible, and strong. Aerobic activity, most commonly referred to as cardio, is a great place to start because it’s easy, can be low stress, and can be performed just about anywhere!

Getting outside to perform your cardio is the best way to maximize the positive effects of movement, as the sunshine and fresh air have been shone to improve multiple aspects of health. From improving your mood to helping you get better sleep, enjoying the great outdoors as you walk, hike, bike, or otherwise get active is one of the best things you can do for your health. So, get out there and walk, hike, bike, swim, or otherwise embrace exercise outside!

How to Get Active Outside?

Sometimes, getting outside to exercise is easier said than done, especially if you are not already engaged in an outdoor community, outdoor access is limited in your area, or you are intimidated by the prospect of trying something new. If you fall into any of these categories or are faced with another challenge that is between you and outdoor exercise, don’t worry—we have some solutions!

Visit a Local Park

Your outdoor activity doesn’t have to be something extreme, especially at first. Instead, it can be as simple as going for a walk at your local park. Establish a routine—aim for 2.5 hours of walking a week, for example—and grow from there. You probably surprise yourself with progress and begin to walk longer and farther. You may even discover a new passion by trying hiking, biking, or another outdoor activity!

Join a Group

Most communities have groups that engage in outdoor activities. These groups likely encompass a wide variety of activities, including everything from biking clubs to weekly yoga in the park. Choose an activity you enjoy, something you want to try, or something that will stretch your comfort zone. The worst that happens is you don’t love the activity and try a different group the following week!

Try Back-Specific Exercises

If you want to target your lower back, there are several fantastic guides to stretching and strengthening it. Research thoroughly before choosing a program to ensure it fits your goals; is designed by a professional, and aligns with your current level of fitness, then head down to the park and enjoy the sunshine as you work to prevent back pain!

Considerations Before You Begin

It is important to talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise regime, especially if you are not already engaged in an active lifestyle. They can evaluate your fitness level, give you helpful pointers, and ensure that you are healthy enough to engage in the outdoor activities that interest you!


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