Finding a good scoliosis specialist early on can help keep your condition from progressing and causing more damage and pain. Otherwise the increased curvature can cause pressure to the vertebrae and create further problems. When you need a scoliosis specialist in Denver, you should contact Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute to discuss your condition and schedule an examination to start treatment and prevent it from worsening.

Without the help of a scoliosis specialist, you could be looking at a lifetime of pain and potential disability, whereas with a comprehensive, personalized plan of treatment we can repair and stabilize your spine to prevent damage and correct your curvature.
Dr. Anant Kumar is a leading scoliosis specialist in Denver who has studied, taught and practiced at many respected universities and hospitals, constantly working with innovations in the field to get the best possible results with a minimum of invasive surgical techniques. This means he will take the time to explore every option and determine exactly what is right for you and your particular case, using his extensive range of knowledge to tailor the solution to your problem.


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