Scoliosis is a deviation of the typical curvature of the vertebrae in one’s spine, and it can be painful and disabling in severe cases. At the Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute in Denver, our expert scoliosis treatment specialist has helped many people by developing a personalized plan to repair damage to their spine.

Through extensive study of a wide variety of methods, Dr Kumar has become a leading scoliosis treatment specialist in Denver with a reputation for finding solutions to even rare and difficult cases. Whenever possible we fully explore all non-surgical options before looking for the least invasive way to repair your problems if surgery is necessary. As a scoliosis treatment specialist, Dr. Kumar is dedicated to easing people’s spinal pain with the most modern available methods to do so and with as little surgical intervention or trauma as possible.
If you are trying to find an innovative scoliosis treatment specialist in Denver who will work with you to find noninvasive treatment options even for the most difficult cases, Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute can help you put together a strategy with our skilled scoliosis specialist to start working towards lessening your pain and increasing your daily function.


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