For people suffering from long term back problems due to vertebrae problems, spinal fusion surgery may be the option that gets them the relief from their pain that they have been seeking. By placing bone graft between the vertebrae that are affected, the vertebrae are immobilized and held in place to promote bone growth and maintain disc height so the spine can regrow and stabilize, allowing your body to heal itself.

We are lucky to have an expert in minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery in Denver right at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute who has studied extensively in multiple subspecialties in order to have the broadest possible range of knowledge so as to provide a standard of care than can bring relief to sufferers of even extreme cases of spinal pain.
At Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute, we believe that every client deserves to be treated as a person, not as their condition, and we work with you to find an effective treatment plan that is customized for you. We are the premier resource for spinal fusion surgery in Denver, and if you are dealing with chronic spinal pain we will do everything we can to find results that work for you.


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