Dr. Anant Kumar is Denvers leading spine injury specialist, with advanced techniques in minimally invasive surgery that can help bring relief to the pain of even the most severe spinal injuries. Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Center is thrilled to have Dr. Kumar as our resident spine injury specialist, giving our patients the most effective and professional care available. Our staff will work individually with you to determine the best course of action with regard to treatment of your spine injury by our specialist, exploring every option to ease your pain and give you your mobility and comfort back.

Dr. Kumar has become an exceptional spine injury specialist through years of study and practice, treating a wide variety of spinal conditions and injuries and constantly working to find the least invasive ways to treat them.
A spine injury specialist who truly believes that every patient’s condition is unique and deserves an individual strategy tailored to the specifics of their problems can find solutions where other can not, and Dr. Kumar has proved again and again that he is willing to go that extra mile to customize each treatment plan to the patient to find solutions for their chronic spinal injury pain.


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