Looking for a spine surgeon may not be the easiest task in Denver. But now you have found a premier spine surgeon that really knows his practice and can help you get well. His name is Dr. Anant Kumar of the Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute in Denver and we are fortunate to have a doctor as well-educated, experienced and successful as him in our facility.

Dr. Kumar has been studying orthopedics for many years and his dedication to the practice has made him an invaluable asset to have as our spine surgeon in Denver. His innovative techniques cause less pain than the traditional treatments and the results are more effective. There is every reason to choose Dr. Kumar as your spine surgeon in Denver. We even make it easier and faster to see the doctor by providing online new patient forms.
Call or log on today to start your healing process in Denver. There is no other spine surgeon in Denver as advanced in his practice or as careful in his work as Dr. Kumar. We look forward to helping you feel well soon.


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