Spine Surgery: When Historical Establishments and Modern Advancements Combine

by | Jan 16, 2018 | colorado spine doctor

You may guess that spinal surgery is a brand-new procedure in the medical history. It’s probably because of its complexity, or maybe spinal surgery is just not as well-known as cancer therapies or trauma care.

The first ever spinal surgery was actually performed a long time ago, in the seventh century by Paul of Aegina (Greek: Paulus of Aegina). Paul of Aegina was a Greek physician who was famous for his Epitome of Medicine (seven books). The sixth book on surgery was what draws much attention.

Paul of Aegina and the Laminectomy

According to the book, Paul of Aegina performed what is now known as laminectomy. Laminectomy is a surgical procedure that removes your lamina, the parts of each vertebrae that normally protect and support the back surface of your spinal cord. When lamina are not in their proper positions and cause pain by compressing your spinal cord, some of them have to be removed in order to recover space for your compressed spinal cord.

Laminectomy may seem basic in modern medicine, but without advanced medical knowledge and technology during Paul of Aegina’s time, only geniuses like him had the confidence and skills to perform such a healing art.

Spine Surgery by Paul of Aegina and Spine Surgery Now

Now, you may wonder, have there also been significant landmark procedures done in the U.S.? The answer is yes.

Dr. Russell Hibbs, a surgeon-in-chief from New York, performed the first scoliosis operation at a local hospital in 1914. The procedure was posterior spinal fusion; it helped to stabilize the diseased parts of the spine. However, the surgery was in its primitive form as far as scoliosis operation. Although several more scoliosis and kyphosis cases were later treated by spinal fusion, the complexity and difficulty remained.

It was when Dr. Paul Harrington introduced stainless-steel rods when the stabilization for scoliosis treatment improved significantly. He utilized rod implants to support fusion for scoliosis correction. These stainless-steel rods are later recognized as Harrington rods. Over the past twenty years, Harrington rods remained the gold standard for scoliosis correction.

The Golden Age of Spine Surgery is Here

With many milestones established in orthopedics history, the modern orthopedic practice by Dr. Kumar becomes even more secure and reliable. Dr. Kumar is a spine surgeon in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Kumar is board certified in orthopedics and fully trained in many aspects of spinal surgery. Few surgeons are as decorated as Dr. Kumar – let alone spine surgeons.

What distinguishes Dr. Kumar from other orthopedic surgeons is Dr. Kumar’s extensive orthopedic training through four fellowships in different sub-specialties, including Association of Orthopedics fellowship, Pediatrics Orthopedics fellowship, Spine Surgery fellowship, and Orthopedic Trauma fellowship. These fellowships have well-prepared Dr. Kumar as a spine surgeon who is known for providing mature and accurate advice and managing complex procedures.

Dr. Kumar is Your Choice for Spine Surgery

If you are looking for a skillful and reliable spine surgeon in Colorado, schedule an appointment at Colorado Spine & Scoliosis today. Colorado Spine & Scoliosis treats a variety of orthopedic problems including myelopathy, disc herniation, bone spurs, spinal fracture, tumors, etc. Colorado Spine & Scoliosis provides many treatment options – including neck surgeries, lower back surgeries, and complex spine surgeries, etc. Last, spinal stenosis, abnormal curvatures of spine such as scoliosis and kyphosis, laminectomy, spinal fusion – along with screw and rod placements – are also covered at our clinic.

The ultimate goal at Colorado Spine & Scoliosis is to provide the best advice to patients, to alleviate patients’ pain and difficulties, and striving to be among the leading orthopedic practices. Dr. Kumar and Colorado Spine & Scoliosis continue to establish outstanding milestones in this golden age of spine surgery.


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