One of the most complex spine conditions to treat effectively is scoliosis. Traditionally it is treated with a supportive brace that can at least prevent the curvature of the spine from increasing and in some cases correct it somewhat, but this does not always get the results that people need.

There is successful scoliosis treatment in Denver in the form of highly effective surgical techniques that can truly correct the excessive S shaped curve and help you stand straighter and pain free. The team of orthopedic and spine experts at Colorado Spine and Scoliosis Institute specialize in innovative surgical solutions to chronic and painful spine conditions, led by Dr. Anant Kumar, one of the leading names in his field with multiple fellowships and extensive continuing training.
We are committed to developing treatment plans for scoliosis and other spine conditions that take into consideration the needs of the individual, and we are determined to use the least invasive techniques possible in order to make these surgeries easier on the patient in terms of recovery times and healing. You can learn more about our treatment methods on our website,or call and schedule a consultation to talk over your options with our surgeon.


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