Wendy Judd

It’s been many years since you served on the SafeHouse Board while I was a grant writer there. Still, I found some comfort in seeing your face on the video for the Presbyterian St. Lukes Spine Center. That video somehow made my journey in for a four-level fusion with Dr. Kumar seem less frightening. I’ll go so far as to call it a sign that I was heading down the right path.

It’s been almost three months since my surgery and I’m still on the road to recovery. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a quality experience I had at your facility. (That says a lot given that the procedure was one which brought me to a physical low I could not have imagined.) From the positive and professional experiences with the women who drew my autologous blood collections to the nurturing and professional staff on the Spine Center floor, I was truly impressed with the level of care I received there. The updated facility was a tremendous plus, but the people I came in contact with were truly remarkable.