The Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Back Pain Care Denver, constant back pain denver

Whether you’ve recently started working from home and have yet to perfect your home office or you work at an office that hasn’t been optimized to fit your needs, spending hours on end sitting can lead to back pain and worsen preexistent pain.

Unfortunately, most standard office equipment isn’t designed to properly support you for hours on end or to help maintain good posture. Even if you try to take care of your back by standing and moving periodically throughout the day, an unideal office chair can wreak havoc on your back health.

To help mitigate the risk associated with long periods of sitting, we’ve put together a list of the best office chairs for back pain. Check it out below to find the right chair for you!

What to Look For

When selecting the right office chair for you and your back, look for a few key features that will help ensure your choice serves you well. While there are sure to be numerous gimmicks pulling you in every direction, focus on what’s important—adjustability to fit your body, lumbar support, and durability.

The Best Chairs

There are loads of office chairs to choose from, and many of them are fantastic. If you feel compelled to try one that’s not on our list based on your personal research, that’s a-okay with us. After all, we just want your back to be healthy!

However, our top chairs are listed below, and we hope you consider them!

Humanscale Freedom Task Swivel Desk Chair

This high-quality chair not only looks futuristic but also has the scientific backing to match. It uses physics to provide any user with the perfect customized support instantly. That’s pretty amazing!

The Humanscale Freedom Task Chair is made in the USA with premium materials, so its durability is sure to match its comfort!

Herman Miller Embody

Specifically designed to provide natural alignment and proper pressure distribution, Embody by Herman Miller is an office chair that is sure to alleviate your back pain problems. Providing incredible comfort while supporting healthy movement thanks to its unique ergonomics, this chair is as beautiful as it is hi-tech!

The Embody was actually designed with the help of over 20 physicians and experts. With PhDs in fields ranging from biomechanics to physical therapy, the expertise and experience of these valuable design consultants are obvious in the superb performance of the chair.

Steelcase Leap

With an emphasis on sustainability in addition to ergonomics and proper support, Steelcase chairs are in the upper echelon of office chairs, especially for those with back pain. The Leap is available in a number of great configurations, all of which feature significant adjustability.

A unique chairback design was developed and implemented specifically to work with the way your spine moves when you recline, giving the Steelcase Leap a distinct advantage in this regard.

Raynor Ergohuman LE9ERG

Sometimes, a name says it all. When it comes to the Raynor Ergohuman LE9ERG, this is definitely the case.

Available in multiple configurations, every version of the LE9ERG is the pinnacle of comfort and support. These chairs are even designed for all-day use, making them especially ideal for today’s dramatic increase in work-from-home ability.


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