Back pain is a challenging condition to endure on a daily basis. It can negatively impact your quality of life, ability to enjoy your passions, and otherwise live in the way you desire. When you throw travel into the mix, these difficulties are only exasperated.

There is a reason that the prospect of travel is something back pain suffers often dread. From the cramped seats with lackluster positioning to the prolonged periods of standing while carrying bags, the external factors that accompany travel can make back pain flare up and accentuate preexisting issues.

It is essential to counteract these travel troubles by taking steps to protect your back and limit pain. That is why we have put together this collection of helpful travel tips for those with back pain. Check them out below.

Keep it Light

Travel can be stressful, and the strain placed on your body by long stretches of sitting and standing can make you more prone to injury and irritation. When you are already in this compromised physical state, the potential for pain is heightened, especially when heavy luggage is involved.

That is why our first tip is a simple one—try to travel light. If you are like us and have a difficult time narrowing down what to bring for a trip, you can pack lightly by using smaller bags instead of giant suitcases. This divides the weight up, making it easier to manage during your travels.

Have a Support Plan

Whether you are traveling by plane, car, bus, train, or horseback, chances are the seat will not have the right support for your lower back or neck. Consider investing in and bringing a lumbar support pillow and neck pillow to keep your back properly aligned.

If you do not have a lumbar support pillow, you can simply roll up an article of clothing, such as a sweater, and use that to provide the lower back support you need.

Prioritize Movement

The discomfort that manifests from sitting for extended periods can often be avoided by prioritizing movement. Simply get up and move around every 20 minutes or so to stimulate blood flow, reduce stiffness, and otherwise save yourself some pain.

To make your movement even more beneficial, consider using the time to stretch. While giving your back a break and using some stretches to activate the muscles surrounding your spine are great ideas, do not overlook your legs. Tightness in the hamstrings and hips can contribute to back pain, so be sure to focus your stretching on these areas, as well.

Stretch the Journey

Another form of stretching that can be beneficial is stretching the length of your journey. If possible, take your time to get to your destination. This allows you to incorporate walking, stretching, rest, and other advantageous activities into your schedule.

By limiting how long you spend sitting at any particular time and the stress you experience from traveling in giant chunks, you can preserve the health of your back.


Back pain is no joke, but it should not prevent you from living your best life. With these helpful tips, we hope you are able to get out there and see the world as you have always dreamed. If you are looking for more in-depth information involving your back and traveling, consider consulting your doctor. They can use their expertise to make your adventures even more enjoyable.


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